Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The Truth About Payola - Part 1


Not many people will or can tell you the truth about payola. Not many can or will discuss radio disc jockeys who mislead people like Funkmaster Flex, MTV’s Sway Calloway, or brave disc jockeys like Steve Harvey. Not many people can or will tell you the truth about corporate executives who make sure that the most lewd lyrics are what your 12-17 year olds will hear.

You can believe these songs that get played all day every day on seemingly every station are what people want to hear, but in that is a dirty little secret: the more you play something, the more requests you get for a song. Paul Porter, industry veteran and co-founder of the think tank Industry Ears, shows that what listeners actually “prefer” to hear is a trick as he gives us a glimpse into what is really happening within the radio and music industries

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