Thursday, December 28, 2006

Say it Loud! We LOVE James Brown!

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The Godfather

With the passing this week of Michigan son Gerald Ford there was some concern that the transition of James Brown might be overshadowed by coverage of the former president. The media lovefest and selective amnesia that we all endured after the demise of Ronald Reagan has returned for Ford, but in death as in life, Soul Brother Number One will not be denied. No disrespect to Mr. Ford, but he was president for two years. James Brown will be The Godfather forever.

Yes, Brown endorsed Richard Nixon for re-election in 1972, so apparently he and Ford shared an admiration for Tricky Dick. Somehow we forgive our Godfather of this transgression as we forgive him of his mistreatment of women and his struggles with chemical demons and the US criminal justice system.

In many ways James Brown is the very embodiment of the 20th Century African-American man. Through the trials and tribulations he made us proud to be Black. His music, his dance, his style, his politics, his business sense changed the world forever.

James Brown is as much a founder of hip hop as DJ Kool Herc or any other member of the pantheon. Without James Brown there is no hip hop, no soul music, no funk, no house music, no drum and bass. There is no Michael Jackson, no Prince, no Sly Stone or George Clinton. No Red Hot Chili Peppers and no Jay-Z. Hell, without James Brown there is no Al Sharpton.

So Get on up! Give it up for The Godfather of Soul, the Founder of Funk, The Originator of Hip Hop, The Hardest Working Man in Show Business, Mr. Dynamite, The Man with the Crown, Soul Brother No. 1, The Original Brother Rapp, the Amazing Mr. Please Please Please Himself, JAAAAAAAMES BROWWWWWWWWNNNNN!

Say it Loud! We LOVE JAMES BROWN!!!!


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