Friday, August 11, 2006

Perfect Timing for Another Terror Scare

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Politicians who are guilty of associating with Grandwizard GDub are taking it on the chin as we pull into the mid-term election home stretch. This goes for Republicans and even pro-war Dems ala Shoeless Joe Lieberman. So what fortuitous timing that the latest terror scare occured right after the US primary results were in, but with plenty of time to affect the November ballot!We would never suggest that there might be a conspiracy, but…

Cruising through the ever insightful, we were directed to a comment page on Toronto’s Globe and Mail site which revealed the following:

Marc from Eastern Ontario says, “I don’t get it. It takes many months of investigation to uncover this plot, and only after the plot is thwarted and 18 arrested, do they radically tighten up the carry-on baggage policy. Does that mean they had no idea during those months of the plot’s objective? If they did suspect that something was cooking during the investigation, would it not have been more prudent to start tightening the carry-on luggage policy during that time, and not AFTER the arrests?”

Good point. It seems our Canadian neighbors aren’t buying the latest terror scare, ay? Haven’t we all seen this B-Movie enough times in the last five years to know the drill?

Since the Detroit area is home to the largest Muslim population in the Western Hemisphere and a busy international border crossing, we’re always caught in that high security crunch. Anyone travelling through the D who doesn’t get to the airport or the bridge at least two hours early when there ISN’T a terror scare is tempting fate. For the next month, you may as well pitch a tent.

But don’t worry. This was impeccible timing. If the fear factor works, and Republican poll numbers go up, we could see that threat level drop just in time for Labor Day weekend! Of course, if the poll numbers stay in the dumps, be on the lookout for that October surprise!


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