Saturday, January 20, 2007

Nat Abraham’s Rebellion

Nathaniel Abraham, the nation’s youngest convicted murderer, was released a day before his 21st birthday. At 11 years-old he was tried as an adult and found guilty of second-degree murder. The judge sentenced him as a juvenile, however, and as a result, Abraham has a new lease on life as an adult.

From the moment he stepped outside the court room for hopefully the last time, the media has been buzzing about Nathaniel. Are they concerned about how he will make the transition to life on the outside after spending his formative years in prison? Do they wonder what type of education he received in jail and how it will help him become a productive member?

No. Everyone is talking about his suit.

What was the first question Carmen Harlan of WXYZ-TV asked the social worker who has been helping Abraham make his transition?

“Do you give your clients advice about what is appropriate dress in the courtroom?”

From The Detroit Free Press:

Abraham left Oakland County Circuit Court wearing an ivory and pink pinstriped suit, a vibrant pink shirt and tie, pink alligator shoes and an ivory hat with a pink band. The ensemble was topped with a rabbit fur coat.

When the photo was posted on the Free Press Web site, comments came in, several of them touching on the clothing, some of them seeing it as a forecast of his future.

“Nice suit!” said one.

Another one said: “He looks like a pimp, he will be back in the system before the end of summer.”

Why are so many people judging this young brother by his suit?

Yes, “…the suit is out of season,” as Detroit clothier Mark England (who is profiled in this week’s Michigan Citizen) told the Free Press.

But, come on. The state gives you the money to buy one suit. You’ve been locked up for your entire adolesence. That brother is celebrating!

England agrees. “I get a message of ‘I’m free and this is a new me now. I’m styling and I have my freedom.”

The Detroit Free Press: Judging a free man by his fashion hookup


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